Book Review Of “Sammy’s Spooktacular Halloween” By Mike Petrik @AmazonPub #TwoLions

Sammy loves Halloween: the candy, the pumpkins, the scares. So when he gets the chance to be in charge of the family’s next haunted house, he gets right to work—even though it’s only November. Suddenly Sammy’s inventions are scare-ifying his family day and night, even on Christmas and Easter! Sammy...

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Book Review Of “King Ben And Sir Rhino” By Eric Sailer @AmazonPub #TwoLions

Ben is king of the jungle. He does exactly what he pleases, as a king should. And he has everything a king could want: noble steeds, castles, and servants. What Ben doesn’t have is a loyal subject. Then he meets Rhino…and finds out what being a good king is all...

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Book Review Of “It’s Show And Tell Dexter” By Lindsay Ward @AmazonPub @lindsaymward #TwoLions

Dexter T. Rexter is going to school. But will anyone like him? Tomorrow is the biggest event ever in Dexter’s life: his best friend, Jack, is taking him to school for Show and Tell Day! Dexter has been getting ready for weeks. But now he’s a little nervous. What if...

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Book Review Of “What If Everybody Said That?” By Ellen Javernick And Illustrated By Colleen Madden @Amazonpub #TwoLionsBooks

What if everybody chose to be kind? If you tell someone that they can’t play with you, there’s no harm done, right? But what if everybody said that? What if everybody forgot to be kind…and made fun of other kids’ artwork at school, or told a fib, or refused to...

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