Book Spotlight And Excerpt From “Still Water” By Amy Stuart @Touchstonebooks

SYNOPSIS-From the Globe and Mail bestselling author of Still Mine comes a new thriller featuring Clare and Malcolm, this time on the hunt for a missing mother and son in a town that is drowning in deception—Clare may be in her gravest danger yet. HOW DO YOU FIND THE TRUTH IN A TOWN FULL...

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Spotlight on The Entangled Moon” By E.C. Frey @Booksparks @Popsugar #SRC2018

It only takes one moment to change everything. Long ago, Heather left her old life behind. Now, she has everything: a marriage to a handsome executive, a managerial human resources position in a powerful multinational, and a beautiful daughter. And she will do anything to keep it that way. But...

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Spotlight On “S.T.A.G.S.” By M.A. Bennet @DelacortePress

Donna Tartt’s The Secret History meets Pretty Little Liars in this propulsive, edge-of-your-seat novel that explores just how far the elite at an English boarding school will go to maintain the social order. There’s no point hunting if there’s no kill. At St. Aidan the Great School, or S.T.A.G.S., new things–and new people–are to...

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Spotlight On “Her Last Day” By T.R. Ragan @amazonpub #thomas&mercer

  “With action-packed twists and turns and a pace that doesn’t let up until the thrilling conclusion, Her Last Day is a brilliant start to a gripping new series from T.R. Ragan.” —Robert Bryndza, #1 international bestselling author of The Girl in the Ice Ten years ago, PI Jessie Cole and reporter Ben...

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Spotlight On “The Infinite Now”

“A well-woven tapestry of history, character, and charming mystery.” — Kirkus Reviews Today Show Winter Book Selection Winner, Fiction: LGTBQ — American Book Fest 14th Annual Best Book Awards Finalist, Fiction: Fantasy — American Book Fest 14th Annual Best Book Awards In flu-ravaged 1918 Philadelphia, Fiora Vicente, the freshly orphaned...

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