Blog Tour For “Unicorn Rescue Society: The Creatures Of The Pines” By Adam Gidwitz @DuttonYR @fabanks92 @randomhouse @duttonbooks

Thanks for stopping by! My part of the blog tour is a list of Five Mythical Creatures I’d want to meet, and Five Mythical Creatures I’d want to stay away from. So here we go, and again thank you for coming. Feel free to share with me, your answers. Unicorns,...

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Book Review Of “To Kill A Kingdom” By Alexandra Christo @MacKidsBooks @alliechristo

Princess Lira is siren royalty and the most lethal of them all. With the hearts of seventeen princes in her collection, she is revered across the sea. Until a twist of fate forces her to kill one of her own. To punish her daughter, the Sea Queen transforms Lira into...

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Book Review Of “Everless” By Sara Holland @harperteen @booksparks

In the kingdom of Sempera, time is currency—extracted from blood, bound to iron, and consumed to add time to one’s own lifespan. The rich aristocracy, like the Gerlings, tax the poor to the hilt, extending their own lives by centuries. No one resents the Gerlings more than Jules Ember. A...

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