December 2017 Book Haul

Here are the lovely books I received in the Month of December. Hydra, By Matt Wesolowski  (sent for review) Deep Blue Trouble, By Steph Broadribb (sent for review) The Queen Of Hearts, By Kimmery Martin (sent for review) The Book Of Cheese, By Liz Thorpe (sent for review) The Card...

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April 2017 Book Haul

The Silent Wife, By A.S.A. Harrison The Bell Jar, By Slyvia Plath The Great Gatsby, By F. Scott Fitzgerald Perfect, Cecilia Ahern Little Black Lies, By Sandra Block (sent for review) The Girl Without A Name, By Sandra Block (sent for review) The Secret Room, By Sandra Block (sent for...

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Book Haul For Jan. 2017

The Kings Curse- Phillippa Gregory The Kings Fool- Phillippa Gregory The Virgins Lover- Phillippa Gregory The Boleyn Inheritance- Phillippa Gregory The Taming Of The Queen- Phillippa Gregory The King Makers Daughter- Phillippa Gregory Three Sisters, Three Crowns- Phillippa Gregory The Good Sister- Jamie Kain The Nest- Cynthia Sweeny Sleeping Giants-...

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