I’m A Huge Peanut Butter And Jelly Fan, Are You? We tried Crofter’s Organic Spread And Fell In Love. @croftersorganic @chicexecs

Thank you to Crofter’s Organic for sending us their STRAWBERRY BANANA Organic Premium Spread. I would have never thought of using a strawberry banana flavored jam. But OH MY GOSH, this was delicious!! Now, I want no other Jam/Jelly to be in my fridge.

When I first opened the jar, my initial thought was how much it looked like the homemade Jelly my mom used to make. The texture with smooth, and it is so full of flavor. those other brands sometimes tend to be a bit granular, and cheap tasting. I think I may like this even more than my boys. I put it on toast, bagels, sandwiches, everything I can think of. It’s sweet without being to sweet, and a perfectly balanced flavor. Usually banana overpowers most fruits, but not in this case! I love it, and cannot wait to try more flavors.

I’m including the link below so that you can check out Crofter’s Organic and see for yourselves what they have to offer!

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