Looking For A Great Gift For Grandparents Day? Check Out “Well Told Mugs” @ChicExecs @welltolddesign

What can be better than summer on a lake? Never forget that vacation with Well Told’s Lake Map Mugs. These ceramic mugs show beautifully detailed maps with the topography, roadways, and shorelines of popular lake destinations around the U.S. (And yes, for you Ozark fans, they’ve got you covered too.)

Each high-quality 15-ounce mug is decorated and then fired at high temperatures to create a crisp and permanent design that is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Proudly designed and decorated in the USA. Bring the Lake Life mindset to your morning coffee or tea.

Thank you to Well Told for my GORGEOUS Lake Tahoe Mug. I grew up at Lake Tahoe. My dad started taking me when I moved in with him when I was 10 Years old. I remember that we would always park along the side of the road and find the hidden beaches. Some of the best memories of my life were spent at this Lake. Taking cruises on the Lake, Watching Fireworks on the 4th of July, camping, swimming, hiking, and ditching school to spend days in the sun and the sand. Getting this mug, seeing the map and all the beach locations, and the added bonus of having Carson City printed on the mug was amazing. My two oldest kids were born in Carson City. So this mug is indeed very special, and will make the most AMAZING keepsake to gift my Dad.

This mug is so pretty, and printed so well. No visible imperfections. (I make coffee mugs myself, so I have a good eye for mistakes) I will include the companies website link below so that you can check out everything they have to offer, it is a beautiful website!

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