Happy National Rum Day!! @ColangeloPR Shaw-Ross International Importers

What makes Barceló* Rum unique is the fermented juice of sugarcane from fields grown in the Dominican Republic and owned by Ron Barceló Senior, himself, as less than 3% of the world’s rum producers own their own fields. By using the fermented juice of the sugarcane, as opposed to molasses, the rum becomes smoother and has a more well-rounded taste that showcases the characteristics of the sugar cane juice, which is excellent for sipping neat or on the rocks.

Ron del Barrilito Rum* is Shaw-Ross’ latest edition, joining the portfolio in March this year. It is Puerto Rico’s oldest rum and is distinguished by formulas and techniques that have been passed down through several generations of the Fernández family master blenders. Each rum–ranging from 3 to 35+ years of aging–can be defined by its lack of artificial ingredients and filtered rainwater that is used in production, making it a smooth, clean rum ideal for mixing or shaking. 

Thank you to Shaw-Ross and Colangelo PR for gifting me this two insanely beautiful bottles of Rum. My husband and I aren’t very creative drinkers, and we don’t really do extravagant recipes so we really got the pure taste in both of these rums. We drank Barceló* Rum on the rocks, and with the l Barrilito Rum we just had rum and cokes. While Barcelo was very strong, we both liked it, it’s definitely a sipping wine. It was beautiful in color and such a beautiful bottle! The Barrilito Rum was a bit more our speed. Rum and Coke is one of the drinks my husband does like, so he appreciated this bottle very much. I also loved the label, and its gorgeous label. Not as strong as the other rum in taste, but it is a higher proof (86 proof) I did check out the Shaw-Website and it looks like they have a wide variety of wines, spirits, and sake. I will include the link below. Tell me, what’s your favorite way to drink Rum?


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