Who Doesn’t Love Tie Dye? Try out “DOODLE HOG” Kits! Great For Back To School! @asylumpr @doodlehogcrafts

Buying new clothing and accessories is one of the most exciting parts of starting a new school year for kids. But instead of purchasing clothing off the rack that everyone else will be wearing, have kids create and rock a trendy 90’s style flashback with custom tie dye. Doodle Hog makes a wide range of tie dye kits in curated colors like Desert Dreams, Fancy Plants Green and Beach Bum Blues as well as classic and pastel colors. The kits can be used to create unique shirts, shoes, masks and other items in the child’s school colors or any color they want and Doodle Hog even makes a tie dye kit for scrunchies for a complete 90’s throw back.

MY REVIEW- I got this kit courtesy of Doodle Hog and Asylum PR. I thought my boys would have so much tie dying shirts for their first day back to school. However once they dyed them, they didn’t want to wait to wear them. I chose the easiest pattern for them to do. I pinched the middle of the shirts and twisted them, and than added rubber bands in an asterisk pattern. We let the shirts sit in a bag for the full 24 hours. The anticipation was getting the best of them, but once we rinsed the dye and they got to see their shirts, it really made the wait worth it. I am sure it was operator error, but once we washed and hung dry the shirts became very muted in color. I don’t think I added enough soda ash. They still love them, and it made for a really fun afternoon spent being crafty! I also added a special touch and heat pressed a design on them to personalize them some more!

Also, I want to add that this kit was so easy to use, and so mess free. It did stain my fingers for a day, but the drops that did make it onto my counters or floors wiped right up. I wish the kit would have contained more Soda Ash. But can’t win them all right?

Click below to see all the kits Doodle Hog has to offer!


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