On The Road To A Healthier Me, I Always Look For Better Snack Options. In Walks Tahini Squeezable Spread by @mightysesame

Mighty Sesame® Co. Introduces New Harissa Tahini Whole Seed Squeeze and Serve Tahini  

Make Tahini Your Creative Condiment for All Your Summer and Back To School Food  Moments 

[ Bayonne, NJ – July, 2021] – Mighty Sesame Co., maker of all-natural, squeeze-and-serve tahini, introduces NEW Mighty Sesame® Harissa Whole Seed Tahini, the first-ever harissa-flavored tahini on the market.  The Mighty Sesame Whole Seed Harissa spicy, squeezable Tahini joins the wildly popular Mighty Sesame Organic Squeezable Tahini and Mighty Sesame Original Whole Seed Tahini. The new variety contains a blend of natural harissa spices for a distinctively aromatic, roasted-chile pepper flavor profile with a kick. Its spicy taste and creamy texture add just the right amount of heat and flavor to your favorite dressings, dips, meats, and vegetables. This new harissa tahini contains a blend of natural harissa spices for a distinctively aromatic, roasted-chile pepper flavor profile. The creamy, ready-to-use Mighty Sesame Co Tahini makes tahini the next new condiment that you will literally put on everything, including sandwiches, burgers, salads, and all your favorite foods.   

Tahini continues to trend globally as consumers and chefs discover new ways to use the creamy, nutrient-rich condiment. The launch of Mighty Sesame Harissa Whole Seed Tahini adds just the right amount of flavor and heat to all your favorite foods, from dressings and dips to meat and veggies. The Mighty Sesame Whole Seed Tahini sesame seeds are incredibly nutrient-rich with calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. They are also a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, like B1 and E, good fats, fiber, and protein. Mighty Sesame Co. makes their tahini from the finest Ethiopian sesame seeds and serves it in shake-and-squeeze bottles for maximum convenience. These nutrient-dense tahini varieties deliver premium quality and flavor, making the ideal complement to any dish. The Mighty Sesame tahini varieties are loaded with protein and calcium and are organic, vegan, gluten and dairy-free, kosher, and halal. This makes the tahini line completely guilt-free for all, and it can easily be used as a healthy alternative to butter or mayonnaise. 

Top off your favorites with Mighty Sesame and put it on everything!   Mighty Sesame Co’s all-natural, squeeze-and-serve tahini makes it possible to use Tahini in ways well beyond Hummus. Mighty Sesame Tahini is delicious for sandwiches, on burgers, for salads, as part of cheese and charcuterie boards, and in the many ways you have imagined using your favorite hot sauce, ketchup, or other condiment. 

“Many people don’t think of Tahini beyond hummus,” says Laura Morris, Associate Brand Manager of Mighty Sesame Co. “The creamy, ready-to-use Mighty Sesame CoTahini makes tahini the next new condiment that you will literally put on everything. Only your imagination is the barrier.” 

The Mighty Sesame Co.’s website, www.mightysesame.com, offers many unique recipes that utilize tahini to enhance their delicious quality. Some of these recipes include tahini strawberry banana smoothie, creamy hummus, tahini caramel cups, tahini walnut brownies, tahini coleslaw, grilled sweet potatoes with tahini basil vinaigrette, and fish tacos with tahini and sriracha. 

It is available in varieties such as Mighty Sesame Organic Squeezable Tahini and Mighty Sesame Original Whole Seed Tahini.  Like all Mighty Sesame tahini varieties, the Harissa variety is ready-to-use with just a shake and a squeeze, no stirring required. It is packed with protein and contains 260mg of calcium per serving. Organic, vegan, gluten- and dairy-free, kosher, and halal, it is a 100 percent guilt-free option for everyone. For more information and recipes on the Mighty Sesame Co Tahini line and all the products, please visit www.mightytsesame.com  

 All flavors of Mighty Sesame Tahini come in 10.9 oz / master pack of eight bottles with an MSRP $4.99 per 10.9 oz. bottle.) Mighty Sesame is distributed by Kayco, headquartered in Bayonne, NJ. (www.Kayco.com). 


Thanks to Mighty Sesame Co and Bender Group PR for gifting me a bottle of the Spicy Tahini Squeezable Dip. While I am not a huge fan of spicy things, I think this dip paired well with all the veggies I tried it with. I have been working really hard trying to eat much healthier and so I am always on the lookout for better snacks and treats. From this very company was another snack I loved. Their Tahini Bars are my favorite! The texture was great. Not too thin, but not to thick. It stayed well on whatever I dipped it on. I also tried it with bagel chips and really liked that too. A little bit really goes a long way.

I do look forward to getting different types and following some of the recipes on their website. Especially the Smoothies, humus, the caramel cups, and brownies! Can you tell that I like sweets?

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