Looking For A Sugar Free Chocolate, That Actually Tastes Good? Try SkinnyMe @skinnymechoc @ChicExecs

SkinnyMe Chocolate is the premier gourmet chocolatier of zero sugar bars, squares, peanut butter cups, and baking melts. Satisfy your cravings with this health-focused brand of delectable gourmet chocolate that tastes delish and is good for you with no harmful effects from sugar. There are so many incredible ways to enjoy these mouthwatering selections. Using the Stevia leaf as a sweetener, the brand’s recipes have consumers happily indulging in guilt-free chocolate and loving every bite.  Gluten-free and keto-friendly.

My Review-

Thanks to SkinnyMe Chocolate for gifting me this amazing package of Sugar Free Chocolates! You can’t tell by this photo but that Birthday Cake bar was completely devoured by myself and twin boys, and it really did taste like cake batter! I also liked the peanut butter cups. A great substitute for the “other brand” My father is diabetic, and has a serious sweet tooth, once I got to sample these I realized how much he would appreciate something like this, so I went out to the store bought what I could and sent a fun care package to him. I am grateful that something I normally wouldn’t have tried was provided to me, so that I could share it with my dad.

The texture was spot on. Nice and creamy, not chalky and no bad aftertaste which is HUGE to me! I will be trying the baking melts here soon, got my fingers crossed they taste just as good! I think these are going to be great for those on a healthy lifestyle journey, diabetic, or for those who just really limit what they eat. I am going to include the link to the company below so you can see what they have to offer, and where you can buy it.


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