Matcha Flavored Alcohol?? I’ll Take It!!! #TiaMaria @ColangeloPR

Tia Maria Matcha is an indulgent creamy liqueur with the distinctive flavours and natural caffeine of Japanese green Matcha tea extract, providing a floral and refreshing twist with a smooth finish. Providing a subtle green pour, the new product has an ABV of 17%, providing contemporary consumers with a new mindful ritual and the perfect drink of choice for every occasion.

When Colangelo & Partners reached out to me about reviewing Tia Maria Matcha Cream, I knew that I had to say yes. The concept of it was so enticing. My husband and I cracked up the bottle last night, and we were both pleasantly surprised at how good this alcohol is. It has a slight warm burn on when you take your first sip, but then it’s also very refreshing and smooth. I immediately checked our local liquor stores to see if this is something we can continue to purchase locally. We just drank it on the rocks, with didn’t add anything else to it. My husband kept saying how much he liked it and I would have to agree with him! Next up is Tia Maria Cold Brew with Vanilla and 100% Arabica

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