Great Snack For Those Doing Keto! Ella’s Flats. @chicexecs

Thank you to Chic Execs and Ella’s Flats for sending these my way in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Okay, I am not going to lie to you guys. When I first opened the box and took a look at these my first thought was “They look like bird food” and I really almost didn’t try them. But, then the fact I agreed to this review, I had to do the right thing and at least try them. So, my husband and I chose the Everything Bagel flats and tried them at the same time. And, guess what?? We both liked them!! We enjoyed the crunch, crispy like au cracker. We enjoyed the taste, and thought they were seasoned perfectly. So while they don’t look appealing to some, they should taste good to anyone who tries them! The health benefits are insane too. I am going to like their website below so that you can read more about this great company and order some for yourself.

  1. Gluten Free
  2. High Fiber
  3. Vegan/Paleo
  4. Grain Free
  5. Zero Trans Fat
  6. Sugar Free
  7. No Preservatives
  8. Simple foods
  9. Keto Friendly
  10. Cholesterol Free–GFBhDeARIsACH_kdYU5NykoH8zPZHQiYsQKhiq76fmrDXg1YRaZy5Gvp2HYhX4FHe4QxgaAk09EALw_wcB

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