Are You Looking For A Slight Power Boost, In The Form Of Chocolate? @Reset360 @chicexecs

Plant Based Protein –
Tastes Amazing, Helps Support Healthy Weight, & Anti-Inflammatory

USDA Certified Organic  – Delicious, filling, highest quality ingredients; Zero-sugar dark chocolate chips mixed with cashew butter, almond butter, coconut, premier pea protein, quinoa crisps, chia seeds, and sea salt

Crave Worthy Dark Chocolate  – Fuel Your Fitness, Feed Your Brain & Squash Hunger Pains 

Whole Family Approved – Picky & conservative eaters love these bars too

Non GMO Project Verified

Less than 2g sugar, Vegan and Gluten-Free

Clean all-natural ingredients

No additives or preservatives

Thank you to Chic Execs and Reset360 For gifting me a box of these Chocolate Brownie Super Power Bars. My husband and I both work out daily, and it was nice to have these on hand for when we needed something sweet, and when we felt like we just needed an extra bit of oomph! We have tried a lot of different protein, low sugar, bars, and these ones surprised us! They definitely helped with those hunger pains in between meals, so that alone is worth it for me! The texture I think is what surprised me. I was expecting something a bit dry, and tasteless, but this bar was neither of those. One of my twins is a vegetarian, and a VERY picky eater so finding food items for him is impossible, so I try to sneak extra protein in his diet, these bars were perfect. (Even though he only eats half of it)

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