Book Spotlight on “COLDHEARTED HEIR” By Michelle Heard @MichelleAHorst

Everything changed the night my boyfriend died.
What should’ve been the most special moment of my life turned into a nightmare. Because of Hunter Chargill, I lost the love of my life. I’ll never forgive him.
Hunter used to be one of my best friends but it turns out he’s nothing more than an arrogant a-hole determined to make my life a living hell with his lies.
But he should’ve known you can’t break something that’s already broken.
I manage to avoid him until my freshman year at Trinity Academy. Our cruel words and intimidating touches quickly spark a flame and instead of us going down in a blaze of hatred, desire sizzles to life.
I know I’m in trouble when I start enjoying our fights. Instead of wanting to punch him, I find myself wondering what his lips would feel like on mine.
A stupid game. One kiss. And my perfectly constructed walls come crashing down around me.
I should feel guilty and make Hunter pay for what he’s done.
But sometimes a tormentor turns out to be a protector.

Coldhearted Heir is a stand-alone, College Romance. It deals with a sensitive subject

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