Book Review Of “Tarnished Empire” By Ava Harrison @valentine_pr_ @avaharrison333

My plan was simple.
Get invited onto his yacht.
Find information to destroy him.

But I wasn’t prepared for Alaric Prince.
Dangerous and seductive, he trapped me in his gilded cage.

He calls me Dove.
Easily preyed on.
Easily broken.

A man that ruthless only wants to crush me.
I must resist the temptation to let him.

He’s my father’s enemy.
At war with my family.
A danger to me.

Falling for him would be my demise.
But if my plan works, it will be his.

I saw the synopsis, I saw the cover, and because I am a big cover lover this book was screaming my name. I had never read any of Ava Harrison’s books. But that changes now. I really liked this book a lot, and this romance was steamy, aggressive, dark and exactly what I look for in my Romance reads!

I am still kind of a newbie to this Indie Romance Genre, and adjusting to all of these tropes. However one small thing I’ve noticed is the man always gives the woman a nickname. In this one her nickname was “Dove” and I thought that was super sweet!

I enjoyed Harrisons writing, I thought it flowed well, it came across professionally, and it was super addictive. The chemistry of her characters really lept of the page.

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