Book Review of “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT” By Lindsey Kelk @LindseyKelk @Harper360

Hilarious, relatable and heartwarming: the brand new romantic comedy from Lindsey Kelk.

When Ros steps off a plane after four years away she’s in need of a job, a flat and a phone that actually works. And, possibly, her old life back. Because everyone at home has moved on, her parents have reignited their sex life, she’s sleeping in a converted shed and she’s got a bad case of nostalgia for the way things were.

Then her new phone begins to ping with messages from people she thought were deleted for good. Including one number she knows off by heart: her ex’s.

Sometimes we’d all like the chance to see what we’ve been missing…

I’m not going to push you, Ros. Only, life is short and when you meet someone who makes you feel excited to be alive, who you can talk to about anything, who makes you laugh, who makes you want to get up in the morning just because there’s a chance you might get to see them that day? I reckon you should tell them how you feel.’

MY REVIEW- Thank you Harper 360 for gifting me an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

So, I have always been the one that turns down reading a RomCom, but now after reading this book, I am asking myself WHY??? I absolutely loved this book. I loved Ros, I loved how real and relatable she was. I love that she struggled with change, held on to the past, and loved her friends fiercely. A few times, I kind of did want to shake her, and tell her to wake up, but to me that’s what makes my connection to this book strong. I’ve been there, I’ve done that. I’ve held on to a relationship too long, I’ve felt like the black sheep in my own family, I’ve kept secrets, I’ve wished for people to change and then been let down when they didn’t.

For me, this book was like conversation with a best friend. I am now, a Lindsey Kelk fan, and need to start reading her backlist, because she has made a RomCom fan out of me. Not to mention how hard I related to the Fortnite references, and teens who game with masks on while streaming themselves, that’s my life and what is streamed on my t.v. via Youtube for hours at time. My boys are Fortnite Junkies. I cannot escape it, because now it’s in the books that I read. haha!!

Let me also add how much I loved Sumi, Lucy, Adrian, and John. These characters are what made me binge this book. I also wanted to see them get their HEA’s!

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