Book Review Of “YOU CAN’T CATCH ME” By, Catherine McKenzie @Amazonpub @CEMcKenzie1

When the game is deception, nothing is as it seems in this novel of cunning psychological suspense by the #1 Amazon Charts bestselling author of I’ll Never Tell.

Do you want to play a game?

Twelve years ago Jessica Williams escaped a cult. Thanks to the private detective who rescued her, she reintegrated into society, endured an uncomfortable notoriety, and tried to put it all behind her. Then, at an airport bar, Jessica meets a woman with an identical name and birth date. It appears to be just an odd coincidence—until a week later, when Jessica finds her bank account drained and her personal information stolen.

Following a trail of the grifter’s victims, each with the same name, Jessica gathers players—one by one—for her own game. According to her plan, they’ll set a trap and wait for the impostor to strike again. But plans can go awry, and trust can fray, and as Jessica tries to escape the shadows of her childhood, the risks are greater than she imagined. Now, confronting the casualties of her past, Jessica can’t help but wonder…


I love everything Catherine Mackenzie, I have been fortunate enough to be an early reviewer for most of her books, (although my review for this one is a tad bit late)

She brought her talent into full force with YOU CAN’T CATCH ME. I was blown away by this book, and how much I loved it. I feel like each one of her books just gets better and better. The plot in this was was great and it was executed beautifully. I feel like I get lost in time when I pick up her books, because I do not want to put them down!

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