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In Until I Find You, celebrated author Rea Frey brings you her most explosive, emotional, taut domestic drama yet about the powerful bond between mothers and children…and how far one woman will go to bring her son home.

The Set-Up

Soon, Rebecca Gray won’t be able to see. Diagnosed in her twenties with a degenerative eye disease, each day her world grows a little darker. She’s moved to the suburbs to raise her son, Jackson. In the wake of her husband’s death, it should be a quieter, easier way of life.

It won’t be.

The Moment That Changes Everything

When Bec awakes after fainting in the park, she makes promises to start taking better care of herself. When her son begins to cry, she approaches the crib.

Reaches in.

Picks him up.

But he’s not her son.

The Search

There’s nothing Bec won’t do to find Jackson. But she’s a blind woman in a world where seeing is believing. The police think she’s confused. Her friends don’t see any differences. Relying on the conviction of her instinct and the power of a mother’s love, Bec must push the limits of her world to uncover what happened to her baby boy…and bring him home for good

I love Rea Frey, and I was fortunate enough to be a BETA reader for this book. I absolutely loved it, and I swear that Rea writes the best endings to her books. I’ve learned to never think that her one huge plot twist is the only one, because she always delivers an even better one! Such a talent !

She writes with incredible skill, and while I found myself not trusting any of the characters in this book, I still really liked them. I cannot imagine the research she had to do to write about a blind character. She had to think of every single aspect that a blind person deals with every day. One slip up and it would have ruined the narrative.

I cannot wait to read more of Rea’s work. Fan for life!

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