“HAPPY AND & KNOW IT” By, Laura Hankin @BerkleyPub @LauraHankin


Claire Martin missed her chance at stardom. She left her band, Vagabond, just as they were starting to make it big. With no royalties from the hit song she wrote and no cash flow, Claire needs to reinvent herself and earn some money to stay afloat in New York City—fast.

Reluctantly, Claire takes a gig as a playgroup musician, serenading the privileged toddlers of Manhattan’s wealthy elite. But it’s not long before Claire is brought in as an honorary member of the playgroup by the mothers who employ her—a group of influential women obsessed with fitness, well-being, and, of course, motherhood. There’s Whitney, group ring-leader and Instagram star whose life is picture-perfect on the surface. Amara, a stay-at-home mom who is used to climbing the corporate ladder and is now rediscovering her identity. Meredith and Ellie, the inseparable dynamic mom duo, and Gwen, an old pro who never hesitates to share motherly wisdom. Claire quickly learns that playgroup is for more than just the kids—it’s time for the moms to de-stress and focus on themselves through their fancy fitness classes, vitamins, and healthy doses of gossip.

Claire begins to count on these women as friends—until she stumbles upon some of their most scandalous secrets and the extreme lengths these polished parents will go to hide their flaws.

REVIEW- I really liked this book and the fact that it was billed as Mean Girls Meets The Nanny Diaries had me sold! (Two favorite movies to watch) I found that was a very solid comparison. If I recall this is a debut Author and if that is the case, Hankin is going to go far.

I love picking up a book, and breezing through it, no dull lagging moments, just a story that grabs you and holds on. I also love reading stories about the rich and elite, their tragedies, their scandals, and their first world problems. Really it just makes for a fun read!

Thanks to Berkley Pub for gifting me the E-ARC and for inviting me along on the Blog Tour.

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