Book Review Of “Go For The Moon” By Chris Gall @MacKidsBooks @MacmillanUSA @chrisgallbooks

Written and illustrated by Chris Gall, Go for the Moon! captures the fascinating detail and inspiring adventure of the moon landing. It is a captivating celebration of one of humankind’s greatest technical achievements and most extraordinary feats of exploration.
The Apollo 11 astronauts have prepared carefully for their attempt to be the first men to land on the moon. The young narrator of this book has prepared carefully, too: he explains the design of the spacecraft, the flight from the earth to the moon, and the drama of touching down–while shadowing the astronaut’s voyage with one of his own.

Thank you to Macmillan Kids Books and Chris Gall for gifting us with a copy of this book, in exchange of an honest review.

We all give this book all the stars!

We love Space books, anything moon landing, rocket ships, NASA, Space, Planets, Stars. We love it. My little boys are so inquisitive and they are always wanting to learn, this book was the perfect blend on educational and fun. They were learning without even realizing it.

This is an extremely large picture book, and the Illustrations are fabulous! The big pages are full of bright, vibrant photos, and my boys love laying on their bellies and flipping through the pages. What a great way to introduce kids to Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, and his first steps! I also really liked the fun facts in the back on the book, and on the inside flap, there was an image of Tang, I used to drink that by the gallon in the late 80’s. Loved that Throwback!

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