Blog Tour And Book Review Of “Wicked Saints” By Emily A. Duncan @WednesdayBooks @glitzandshadows

A girl who can speak to gods must save her people without destroying herself.

A prince in danger must decide who to trust.

A boy with a monstrous secret waits in the wings. 

Together, they must assassinate the king and stop the war.

In a centuries-long war where beauty and brutality meet, their three paths entwine in a shadowy world of spilled blood and mysterious saints, where a forbidden romance threatens to tip the scales between dark and light. Wicked Saints is the thrilling start to Emily A. Duncan’s devastatingly Gothic Something Dark and Holy trilogy..

Thank you Wednesday Books for inviting me on to the Blog Tour, and for gifting me an E-ARC in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I saw this book come out during one of the Book Conventions, months ago, and I knew immediately that I had to have it. The tagline on the cover was yelling my name, and then reading the synopsis, I was sold. I contacted Wednesday Books, and shortly after I was invited on to the Blog Tour.

I was so excited to start this one, I even subscribed to a Book Subscription box, just because it’s going to be based on this book. So I went it with some serious high hopes.

First the bad, I really, really struggled with the first half of this book, I couldn’t keep the characters straight, and I couldn’t stay focused on what I was reading. I did know that the writing was very rich, and very intricate.

The good, Nadya, and Malachiasz, (who are being compared to Alina and The Darkling) These two are fire! Are they a warm you heart type of fire, or a dumpster fire? I’ll let you find that out. But these two are the characters that kept me reading the book. However, there is Serefin, and I sure liked his character too and towards the end, I may have even been leaning his way. There is no doubt that these three main characters are brilliant, and screwed up, and dark, and so delicious.

Also, this is a book that had secondary characters, that I enjoyed just as much as I did the MC’s. I think maybe my struggle had more to deal with the religious aspect, and the very hard to pronounce names. It took a way from the flow of the reading, for me (the names). However, I’d have to say, this is one of the best endings I’ve read in a YA book. And I am going to be impatiently waiting book two. I need more of this delicious threesome!

“Dazzle the monsters, Nadya. You’ve already charmed the worst of the lot; the rest should be easy.” Emily A. Duncan

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