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Early one morning in the autumn of 1793, watchman Mickel Cardell is awakened from his drunken slumber with reports of a body seen floating in the Larder, once a pristine lake on Stockholm’s Southern Isle, but now a rancid bog. Efforts to identify the bizarrely mutilated corpse are entrusted to incorruptible lawyer Cecil Winge, who enlists Cardell’s help to solve the case. But time is short: Winge’s health is failing, the monarchy is in a shambles, and whispered conspiracies and paranoia abound.

Winge and Cardell become immersed in a brutal world of guttersnipes and thieves, mercenaries and madams. From a farmer’s son who is led down a treacherous path when he seeks his fortune in the capital, to an orphan girl consigned to the workhouse by a pitiless parish priest, their investigation peels back layer upon layer of the city’s labyrinthine society. The rich and the poor, the pious and the fallen, the living and the dead—all collide and interconnect with the body pulled from the lake.

Breathtakingly bold and intricately constructed, THE WOLF AND THE WATCHMAN brings to life the crowded streets, gilded palaces, and dark corners of late-eighteenth-century Stockholm, offering a startling vision of the crimes we commit in the name of justice, and the sacrifices we make in order to survive.

MY REVIEW- So when I was approached by Atria, I was told that THE WOLF AND THE WATCHMAN was “Chilling and thought-provoking. Relentless, well-written, and nearly impossible to put down.”  and I stand by that statement as well. I am not going to lie, I initially felt like this book would be out of comfort zone, but after reading it, I am so glad that I did.

This was some of the most descriptive writing that I have ever read. The environment was so rich and addictive, when it came time to having to put the book down, I had to fight myself every night. It was so detailed that I felt I was living inside this story. I do want to add, this book is dark, and very ominous. I think some readers may find some of the topics off-putting, in that same breath, other readers are going to love it.

Also, I want to add, that the pacing is a bit different, with it being a Nordic Noir, it reads different than a lot of Thrillers on the market. It’s a much slower pace, and does tend to take a little while to really be grasped by the story. So, if you’re in for a page turning, fast paced, roller coaster type of read, this isn’t going to be what you’re looking for.


“Natt och Dag writes sensory, horror-inducing descriptions of the lives and deaths of the poor inhabitants of Stockholm. At the same time, his characters almost spring off the page, they are so human and so fully realized. Natt och Dag doesn’t apologize for human nature, nor does he excuse our crimes and basest cruelties, but his deep dive into the dark corners of our psyches, as well as this harsh time in history, is both chilling and thought-provoking. Relentless, well-written, and nearly impossible to put down.”

Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

“[A] masterly first novel… The Swedish Academy of Crime Writers named this the best debut novel of 2017, and U.S. readers will be likewise impressed.”

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“In this wicked historical thriller set in 1793 Stockholm, a mutilated body is the start to an investigation that brings in every class and every corner of the city, in what promises to be one of the most well-researched historicals of the year.”

CrimeReads (The Most Anticipated Crime Books of 2019: Part 1)

“Complex and richly realized… This is Natt Och Dag’s first published novel, but it seems too skillful and too assured to be his first writing… [He] surely has more fine work ahead of him.”

New York Journal of Books

“It’s The Alienist in 18th Century Stockholm:  Brawny, bloody, intricate, enthralling—and the best historical thriller I’ve read in twenty years.”

—A.J. Finn, #1 bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

“An excellent story with corkscrew twists and a wonderfully clever ending, completely worthy of Cecil Winge’s splendid mind. Winge and Cardell are thoroughly engaging characters, and they give the whole book a powerful heart”

—Natasha Pulley, author of The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

“Thrilling, unnerving, clever, and beautiful.”
—Fredrik Backman, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author


Niklas Natt och Dag (whose name translates to “Night and Day”) is a member of the oldest surviving noble family in Sweden. He enjoys playing the guitar, mandolin, violin, and flute. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with his wife and their two sons. THE WOLF AND THE WATCHMAN is his first novel.

THE WOLF AND THE WATCHMAN by Niklas Natt och Dag

Atria Hardcover | ISBN: 9781501196775 | On sale: March 5, 2019 | 384 pages | $28.00

eBook: Atria | ISBN: 9781501196799 | On sale: March 5, 2019 | 384 pages | $14.99



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