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A propulsive debut novel with the intensity of Luckiest Girl Alive and Before the Fall, about a young woman determined to survive and a mother determined to find her.

When your life is a lie, the truth can kill you

When her fiancé’s private plane crashes in the Colorado Rockies, Allison Carpenter miraculously survives. But the fight for her life is just beginning. For years, Allison has been living with a terrible secret, a shocking truth that powerful men will kill to keep buried. If they know she’s alive, they will come for her. She must make it home.

In the small community of Owl Creek, Maine, Maggie Carpenter learns that her only child is presumed dead. But authorities have not recovered her body—giving Maggie a shred of hope. She, too, harbors a shameful secret: she hasn’t communicated with her daughter in two years, since a family tragedy drove Allison away. Maggie doesn’t know anything about her daughter’s life now—not even that she was engaged to wealthy pharmaceutical CEO Ben Gardner, or why she was on a private plane.

As Allison struggles across the treacherous mountain wilderness, Maggie embarks on a desperate search for answers. Immersing herself in Allison’s life, she discovers a sleek socialite hiding dark secrets. What was Allison running from—and can Maggie uncover the truth in time to save her?

Told from the perspectives of a mother and daughter separated by distance but united by an unbreakable bond, Freefall is a riveting debut novel about two tenacious women overcoming unimaginable obstacles to protect themselves and those they love.

Thank you Harper Books for gifting me a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 Stars.

You know sometimes when you read a book, and when your finished, you’re blown away that it was a debut? That’s how I feel about FREEFALL. This book read so smoothly for me, and the alternating chapters/perspectives were done so seamlessly, it felt I know was just flowing through the story. The narrative was so, so good. Sometimes in these types of Thrillers, they can come off to “Action movie-esqe” for me, and so I tend to shy away from them, as I loathe most action movies. I was pleased to find out that FREEFALL was nothing like that.

I loved that even though Mother and Daughter were not in the same state, they both knew that something was amiss. I appreciated that there was more to this story than Allison and her Fiance. This wasn’t just a love story about them. It was more of a story between a mother and daughter, and how deep those familial bonds can be rooted. Blood is thicker than water, as the saying goes.

I have seen many other bloggers speak about how fast this book read, and they are absolutely right. I think it is largely due to fluidity of the story. It is so fast faced, and every chapter has a great reveal, and secrets that are revealed, so there is not much time for dull moments. I love books that can pull me in that first chapter, and than sink their claws in, until I am finished.

Also, I want to note, that I appreciate Jessica Barry for shedding light on Postpartum Depression, something that many don’t speak about, and something other moms are embarrassed to admit they suffer from. I feel depression/anxiety are things being mentioned a lot in books lately, but I would love to see other types of illnesses/diseases being brought to light in books. The moral of this story, is a mother and daughters love for each other, and how far they will go for each other, no matter what state their relationship is. Bestfriends, or estranged. No matter what.

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