Spotlight On “Receptor” (Sequel To “Limitless”) By Alan Glynn @PicadorUSA

From the author of Limitless comes Receptor, an irresistable thriller that reveals the origins of MDT-48 and the consequences of unlocking the human mind.

On a Friday evening in 1953, Madison Avenue ad executive Ned Sweeney enjoys a cocktail in the apartment of a strange and charismatic man he met hours earlier. Ned doesn’t know it, but he has just become a participant in Project MK-Ultra, a covert, CIA-run study of mind-control techniques. The experience transforms Ned, pulling him away from his wife and young son and into the inner circles of the richest and most powerful people of his day. In a matter of months, he is dead.

It is a tragedy Ned’s family struggles to understand, then tries to forget . . . but some skeletons refuse to stay buried. More than sixty years later, Ned’s grandson Ray is introduced to a retired government official who claims to know the details of Ned’s life and death. Ray is prepared to dismiss the encounter, until he discovers that the now-elderly man once worked for the CIA. Ray digs deeper, and begins to question everything as he uncovers rumors of a mysterious “smart drug”—a fabled black-market cognitive enhancer called MDT-48.

I was gifted this book from Picador, and while it sounds great, I have not read, nor seen the movie LIMITLESS, and I did not have the time to squeeze in a read of both books, so I chose to spotlight it on my Blog for those of you that have read the first book in this series. They both sound great, and very thought provoking. Someday, I definitely want to take the time, and try reading them.

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