Review Of “The Road Not Taken” By Robert Frost @Familiustalk

Thank you to Familius Talk for sending the boys and I this beautiful version copy of the famous poem “The Road Not Taken” I love that this was adapted for children. I loved the artwork, it was both adult and kid friendly. I loved how it looked like water colors, and along with the lines of the poem, came images to help young readers understand what Frost is writing about. I felt like it helped my little guys understand the meaning of the poem much easier. I loved being able to introduce such a classic piece of literature with my little guys.

If you don’t know what Familius Talk is, you need to check out the link below. They have such amazing books, everything that we have been sent has been amazing, and some of my twins favorite books. They are such great quality, and perfect for all readers, as they have every kind of book you could ever want! On top of that, their customer service is flawless!

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