Book Review Of “Sammy’s Spooktacular Halloween” By Mike Petrik @AmazonPub #TwoLions

Sammy loves Halloween: the candy, the pumpkins, the scares. So when he gets the chance to be in charge of the family’s next haunted house, he gets right to work—even though it’s only November. Suddenly Sammy’s inventions are scare-ifying his family day and night, even on Christmas and Easter! Sammy knows he’s on his way to making a spooktacular haunted house, but his family isn’t so sure they can take a full year of his tricks… (From Goodreads)

Thank you Two Lions (Amazon Publishing) for sending my boys and I this book in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are our own.

Gavin say’s “A lot of thumbs up, super high”

Liam say’s “Super lot of thumbs up”

Mom says this book deserves all the thumbs! We had a great time with this fun, and it was such a cute, colorful read to help get them in to the Halloween mood! We have read this one so many times since we’ve gotten it, we’ve also read it a few times on my Kindle at bedtime.

I love how much Sammy loved Halloween, and it was important for him to plan the perfect haunted house, and how he kept trying to include his family, by showing them his great ideas. He totally took over every Holiday because he was so excited!  A Halloween themed Christmas and Easter is something my boys would love! Such a clever and fun book! I am so glad we got sent this one to review!

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