Book Review Of “My Mom Is Magical” And “My Dad Is Amazing” By Sabrina And Eunice Moyle @AbramsKids

My Mom Is Magical, featuring a magical unicorn, and My Dad Is Amazing, featuring a mythical yeti, are joyful tributes to just how amazing parents (and their kids!) are. (From Goodreads)

Thank you Abrams Kids for sending us these two books in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are our own.

Mommy rates both of these two sparkly thumbs up.

Gavin rates them, all the thumbs up.

Liam rates them many thumbs up.

We all loved them, they were such adorable books to read together. The bright vivid colors, the fun pictures, they both books have adorable pictures. My boys were partial to “My Mom Is Magical” because they are mama’s boys, and I am most definitely their favorite. (Wink Wink) Both books were very quick reads, made with the typical board book materials, maybe even a little thicker than your average board book. The dialogue was fun, and silly, and attention grabbing for two five-year old boys. I think these books are going to be great for kids ages 2-6. Both boys and girls alike.

My Mom Is Magical (On Goodreads)

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My Dad Is Amazing (On Goodreads)

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