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Emma Grace Townsend. Five years old. Gray eyes. Brown hair. Missing since June.

Emma Townsend is lonely. Living with her cruel mother and clueless father, Emma retreats into her own world of quiet and solitude.

Sarah Walker. Successful entrepreneur. Broken-hearted. Abandoned by her mother. Kidnapper.

Sarah has never seen a girl so precious as the gray-eyed child in a crowded airport terminal—and when a second-chance encounter with Emma presents itself, Sarah takes her, far away from home. But if it’s to rescue a little girl from her damaging mother, is kidnapping wrong?

Amy Townsend. Unhappy wife. Unfit mother. Unsure she wants her daughter back.

Amy’s life is a string of disappointments, but her biggest issue is her inability to connect with her daughter. And now she’s gone without a trace.

As Sarah and Emma avoid the nationwide hunt, they form an unshakeable bond. But her real mother is at home, waiting for her to return—and the longer the search for Emma continues, Amy is forced to question if she really wants her back.

Emotionally powerful and wire-taut, Not Her Daughter raises the question of what it means to be a mother—and how far someone will go to keep a child safe.

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press and Booksparks #Partner for gifting me a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 Stars.

This is hands down, one of the best books I’ve read this year. I cannot  get my thoughts gathered to review this, I think I’m suffering from Brain to mouth disease. Okay, so in all seriousness, here are my thoughts.

I would have done exactly what Sarah did, hands down. I am a mom, and this book seriously pulled some major heartstrings. I look at my kids and could never imagine laying a hand on them, and I have witnessed some terrible things when out in public, and it’s always an internal struggle, Do I say something? Do I do something? And than when I choose to do nothing, I have to live with that choice, and I can never get the images out of my head. So I understand why Sarah chose to take Emma, she felt with such conviction that she could save Emma, to give Emma a better life, and to keep her safe.

The writing in this book is remarkable, sometimes a storyline like this can easily cross that line into unrealistic, and too far-fetched, this book does not. Which leads me to believe Rea Frey has done some research, and had this book severely plotted out before she began writing. I felt like she had an attachment to this story (and then I asked her, and she definitely did).

Was Amy an abusive mom? Was she a mom not happy with her life? was it a series of bad days, or was thing going to be a life that Emma would have to endure forever? Is there ever any circumstance to make it okay to harm your child? This book raises so many questions, Did it make it okay for Sarah to take Emma away, because Emma’s mom hurt her? What would you have done? The ending was perfect, and it is exactly what I wanted to happen. If you have read please tell me your thoughts!


When I got to the end of the book, I was full on bawling, it was such an emotional journey, and it was hard to see it come to an end. I don’t think a book has gripped me this much, in a while. I had requested an ARC of this MONTHS ago, before they even existed. I came across Rea Frey’s Instagram page, read the synopsis of her book, and I knew that I had to read it. And I am so glad that this book lived up to the hype I built for it. I cannot wait for more of her books to come out, because I am going to be first in line for them.

This book comes out August 21st.  I will Include some helpful links below.

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