Book Review Of “King Ben And Sir Rhino” By Eric Sailer @AmazonPub #TwoLions

Ben is king of the jungle. He does exactly what he pleases, as a king should. And he has everything a king could want: noble steeds, castles, and servants. What Ben doesn’t have is a loyal subject. Then he meets Rhino…and finds out what being a good king is all about. (From Goodreads)

Thank you Amazon Publishing and Two Lions #Partner for gifting us this book in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are our own.

Gavin rates this 3 thumbs up, and says that the lion was really bossy!

Liam rates it 3 thumbs up as well, and says that he liked Sir Rhino better!

Mommy rates this all the thumbs up. This was a cute book, and a fun, fast read. It explains to kids in a very fun manner that it’s not okay to be bossy, and that the more bossy you are, the less your friends will want to play with you. Treat everyone equally, and kind, and take turns. With my little guys heading into preschool, and developing friendships, I think this was a great way to learn the type of friend they want to be.

The illustrations were super cute, and we loved that there was just a few lines per page, with four-year olds it’s perfect for keeping their attention. We really enjoyed this book, and I think any kid age 3-7 will!

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