Book Review Of “It’s Show And Tell Dexter” By Lindsay Ward @AmazonPub @lindsaymward #TwoLions

Dexter T. Rexter is going to school. But will anyone like him?

Tomorrow is the biggest event ever in Dexter’s life: his best friend, Jack, is taking him to school for Show and Tell Day! Dexter has been getting ready for weeks. But now he’s a little nervous. What if the other kids don’t like him? So Dexter decides to come up with a plan. He’ll wear a costume. Dinosaurs in bunny ears look good, right? He’ll recite state capitals starting with…uhaher. Then he realizes something. He can’t dance. He can’t recite things. He doesn’t have ANY skills. What’s a dino to do?

This comical, interactive tale of belonging, friendship, anticipation, and first-day-at-school jitters lets readers experience the excitement and nervousness along with Dexter—and even offer him a little advice along the way. (From Goodreads)

Thank you Amazon Publishing and Two Lions for sending Liam, Gavin, and Myself this book to review. All opinions are our own.

Gavin says this book gets 4 thumbs up. And he likes Dexter T. Rexter.

Liam says this book gets 4 thumbs up too, and that he liked when Dexter T. Rexter dressed up like a fluffy bunny.

I thought this was a great book, and it came at the perfect time, as Gavin and Liam are getting ready to start their second year of preschool. They really love show and tell! I loved that it showed Dexter worrying about what others would think of, and if he was good enough for Show and Tell, he tried on costumes, he tried jokes and dancing, he wanted to be anyone but himself. This book had a fantastic moral to it, and I am glad it’s a book my boys enjoyed and have read multiple times since we got it.

The illustrations were bright and cheerful, the story was a good length, and one of the books you can read over and over. It was really quite fun! We are huge dinosaur fans in this house, so it really was the perfect book!

This book comes out August 17th, I have included helpful links below.

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