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When twin sisters Rose and Bel Enright enroll in The Odell School, a prestigious New Hampshire boarding school, it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime. But the sisters could not be more different. The school brings out a rivalry between them that few ever knew existed. And the school itself has a dark underbelly: of privileged kids running unchecked and uninhibited; of rituals and traditions that are more sinister than they seem; of wealth and entitlement that can only lead to disaster. 

For Sarah Donovan, wife of an ambitious teacher who is determined to rise through the ranks, Odell also seems like the best thing that could happen to their small family. But how well does she really know her husband? What lengths will he go to, to achieve his goals? And when one dark night ends in murder, who is guilty, who knows the truth, and who has been in on it all along? SHE WAS THE QUIET ONE. Because murderers are almost never who you expect. (From Goodreads)

Thank you St. Martins Press #Partner for gifting me a finished copy. All opinions in this review are my own.

I rate this a 4 out of 5 Stars.

If you’ve followed me for a while you’d know that I got to review Campbell’s first book IT’S ALWAYS THE HUSBAND. In that book, I strongly detested ALL of the characters, but in that same breath it’s what I loved about the book.

In SHE WAS THE QUIET ONE, I again disliked ALL of the characters, but I again loved that. I myself am a mother of twins, so reading about someone else’s perspective, and how they think twins act is always fun for me. Rose and Bel drove me absolutely nuts, Rose was so by the book, and dramatic, and Bel took on life with reckless abandon, and just didn’t care about anyone, including her twin. I had a hard time imagining that siblings could turn on each other like that, but I suppose it does happen.

Power and money can make people do crazy things, and make them act irrationally. I think Campbell did a great job capturing that. Another thing I like Campbell’s books, is that even though you’ve basically figured it out, and you think the story is wrapping up, you’re left with the last page, and everything you thought you knew, you didn’t. I love when a book does that, it leaves you with such a WTF feeling! If you haven’t read either of these books that I mentioned in this review, you should. They are really enjoyable reads, and if you love unreliable narrators as much as I do, than these two books will be right up your alley!

This book is out August 31st. I will include helpful links below.

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  1. I strongly detested these characters too! I enjoyed this one quite a bit more than It’s Always the Husband! Glad you enjoyed it too!

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