Book Review Of “Who Are You, Trudy Herman?” By B.E. Beck @Booksparks #Readbythesea2018

As a little girl, Trudy Herman is taught to stand up for truth by her much-loved grandfather. Then in 1943, Trudy’s childhood drastically changes when her family is sent to a German-American Internment Camp in Texas. On the journey to the camp, Trudy meets Ruth, who tells her and her friend Eddie the legend of the Paladins―knights of Emperor Charlemagne who used magic gifted to them by the heavens to stand up for virtue and truth. Ruth insists both Trudy and Eddie will become modern-day Paladins―defenders of truth and justice―but Trudy’s experiences inside the camp soon convince her that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a knight.

After two years, her family is released from the camp and they move to Mississippi. Here, Trudy struggles to deal with injustice when she comes face to face with the ingrained bigotries of the local white residents and the abject poverty of the black citizens of Willow Bay. Then their black housekeeper―a woman Trudy has come to care for―finds herself in crisis, and Trudy faces a choice: look the other way, or become the person her grandfather and Ruth believed she could be? (From Goodreads)

Thank you Booksparks for inviting me to join the Reading By The Sea 2018  Challenge .

I rate this book a 3 out of 5 Stars.

I thought it sounded good, but for me it came across, severely disjointed. The first half was good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, however the second half became very slow, and I lost my interest in it. I had to push myself into finishing it.

While I loved the concept of the book, I didn’t enjoy the execution.

The parts I did like were solid, and well written. I love the description of the characters, they were very easy to envision, as well as the Interment Camp.

Racism is a very hard topic to read about, so I imagine it’s a very hard topic to write about. Kudos to the author for writing this, and exposing readers to how things were in the early days.

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