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Nanny Paws looks after Ally and Mae the only way she knows how—as a dog would. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her girls. She feeds them a hearty breakfast (cookies are best), picks up their toys (teddy bears fit nicely in freshly dug holes), and even walks them to school (running them there is fun too). But one Tuesday, Ally and Mae come home sick, and it’s up to Nanny Paws to take care of them…in her own special way (From Goodreads)

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Nanny Paws is the cutest book! Oh my goodness. My boys are anxiously awaiting the day they get their first dog, so reading this book to them was great timing. They cannot wait to have their own Nanny Paws to play with. Also another awesome thing in this book, is the girls are twins! So once I read that, my twins noticed right away and said “Hey We’re Twins Too” so this book became instantly relatable to them. I love that Nanny Paws was “helping” her kids, when in reality she was causing a raucous. Such a cute book, I am sure glad that we got to read and review it. I think this book is perfect for boys and girls, ages 3-7. The illustrations are bright, and cheerful, and super cute! The pages are short, so they hold a toddlers attention, and they will manage to read the whole book with you, without becoming impatient.

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About The Author- My first book, “Don’t Lick the Dog,” was an Irma Simonton Black and James Black Award nominee, was selected as a 2010 Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year, starred for Outstanding Merit and accepted to the Society of Illustrators Original Art show. “A Cat Like That”, the companion please-be-nice-&-safe-with-animals book, followed.

Out this year are, “Rabbit Stew,” (Boyds Mills) and “Pony in the City” (Sterling). Coming in 2018, “Nanny Paws” (Two Lions).

I also do editorial illustration and information graphics. Some clients: Harper’s Magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and the Harvard Business Journal. I worked in the Art department of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer until it closed in 2009.

My children are animals

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