Review Of “But That’s Another Story” Pod Cast By Will Schwalbe @MacMillanUSA @mac_podcasts

Something new today guys! A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Macmillan Pub to listen to a podcast done by Will Schwalbe called “But That’s Another Story”. I have only listened to a few podcasts prior, so I was really excited to find another one to listen to. I am more of a rookie in this area of the world of Literature, so I don’t have a lot of knowledge in podcasts, but what I discovered about this particular Pod Cast, is that Schwalbe doesn’t only interview the author, he gets into the heart of their story. It’s not just about the books they’ve written, it’s about them, what inspires them, difficult pasts, difficult presents, their struggles, their fears. It was really very entertaining to listen to.

Tonight I listened to an episode based on Author Jeff Hobbs, he was speaking about a nonfiction book written by Alex Kotlowitz called “There Are No Children Here” He also told a story of his college roommate being found murdered, and the way he came to terms with it. It was really fascinating to listen to these two gentleman speak, and to hear the stories they shared. I really enjoyed it, and I will be tuning in from here on out.

Also I will include a link to a cast for you guys to check out. I will include the Apple Podcast Link, and a Link for you non Apple users to tune into as well. I hope you enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts.

Podcast Episode with Jeff Hobbs On Stitcher

” But That’s Another Story” Podcast on I-Tunes

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