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In Marti Green’s twisting novel of psychological suspense, twin sisters become engaged in a dangerous deception…

Mallory Holcolm is an unfulfilled waitress and aspiring artist living in a Queens boardinghouse when she learns something astonishing about her past: she has an identical twin sister named Charly she never knew existed.

Charly is a Princeton graduate, a respected gallery owner, and an heiress married to her handsome college sweetheart, Ben. Charly got everything she ever wanted. Everything Mallory wanted, too. And now it might be easier than Mallory ever imagined. Because Ben has reasons of his own for wanting to help her.

It begins with his startling proposal. All Mallory has to do is say yes.

But as their devious plan falls into place, piece by piece, Mallory learns more about her sister and herself than she ever meant to—a discovery that comes with an unexpected twist. A chilling deception is about to become a dangerous double cross. And it’s going to change the rules of Ben and Mallory’s game to the very end. (From Goodreads) 

Thank you to Mind Buck Media For the free Netgalley copy, in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I rate this book a 3 out of 5 stars.

This was a good book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I breezed through it, was such a fun and intriguing read. I loved all the back stabbing, and crisscrossing, and the greed! This book was full of drama and I soaked it up. I wanted to see How things go for Ben and Mallory. I definitely didn’t want Mallory to be caught up in this vindictive plan. I was blind-sided quite a few times in this book, as well as the little tiny plot twists scattered through the book, I definitely had the feeling that no one was as they seemed, a book full of unreliable narrators. Which I just love.

This book is told in three parts, and alternating perspectives. Which was really done well. The writing was fluid, it grabs you, It made me want to know everything, and I had a hard time waiting. Luckily this is a rather short book, and once you get immersed in it, the answers come quickly.

My only complaint is sometimes the writing came across as generic/cheesy I know that sounds kind of harsh, but there is just something about the way the author had the narrators talking and behaving sometimes. I can’t exactly pinpoint it. Or really even articulate it. Maybe I just felt like their reactions were completely unrealistic?

Have any of you read this one? Or plan on it? let me know? I am dying to interact with you guys, so drop me some comments, lets discuss! It’s out May 15th. I will include some links below.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR-After receiving her Master of Science degree and New York State Professional Certificate in school psychology, Marti Green realized her true passion was the law. She went on to receive her law degree from Hofstra University and worked as an in-house counsel for a major cable television operator for twenty-three years, specializing in contracts, intellectual property law and regulatory issues.
A li
felong New Yorker, Marti Green moved to The Villages, FL nine years ago, and now lives there with her husband, Lenny, and cat, Howie. She has two adult sons and five grandchildren.
Five books have been published in the Innocent Prisoners Project series. The first, Unintended Consequences, won first place in the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm awards in the thriller/suspense category, and has reached the number one rank on Amazon’s best-selling kindle books list. The Price of Justice won the Silver medal in The Florida Book Awards popular fiction category. The Good Twin, a stand-alone psychological thriller, will be published in May 2018.