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Bold, graphic art by indie rocker Chris Gorman of Belly captures the thrill and challenges of marching to your own beat. 

Meet a pogo-dancing, punk-rock-loving kid who loves to express himself in his own unique way. His clothes, hairstyle, music, and just the way he hears the world, all set him apart. Not everyone understands him, but he likes being one of a kind–even though it’s lonely sometimes. Fortunately, it’s a wide world out there, and if he looks around a kid is sure to find other one-of-a-kinds with common interests. (From Goodeads)

Thank you Penguin Young Readers #Partner for sending me this free copy to read and review this with my little guys! They absolutely loved this book, They loved that the little boy wore Converse shoes, loved music, and listened to vinyl records. Just like they do.

This was such a sweet book, with a great message. Never be afraid to be who you are, being different is okay, and when you find friends who accept you as you are, life get’s even better! The illustrations were great too, I loved the black and white, with the pops of color.  “One Of A Kind” has quickly climbed to the top of our read daily pile.

Liam says- “I love this book Mommy”

Gavin says- “He likes music just like me Mommy”

Mommy says, “Anything that keeps my boys loving books, has my support”

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