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Since unravelling the century-old secret behind an eerie ghost town in rural Washington State, life has been anything but ordinary for 13-year-old Anne. Now, she and her companion Grace, find themselves tangled between two worlds—that of the Fae creatures, whose bloodlust for human hosts has led them to empty entire cities of their children, and the familiar world they’ve always known. But these two worlds have begun to bleed together, and Anne finds her family, her friends, and her very life in peril.

There is no more running, nowhere else to hide. Anne and Grace must fight. They must find a way to defeat the Fae, or risk losing everything—and tangled deep inside the intricate web of Lang’s Labyrinth lies the key.

Anne’s quest to collect the twelve original books, for which the Forests of the Fae were named, will lead both she and Grace down a path of switchbacks, deceit, magic, dark figures, and shady places. They’ll uncover the network of wicked Fae creatures hiding amongst us, and their calculated attempts to lure children to the other side. And, unless Anne can decipher the trail of clues left behind by the devilish Fae King and untangle the spell within the Labyrinth before the creatures do, she and Grace will lose everything—including their humanity. (From Goodreads)

Thank you to Smith Publicity #partner for sending me this free copy to read and review. All opinions are my own.

Although this book is the Third book in the series, I agreed to review it because I felt it would be something my twin boys would enjoy. I didn’t really have an issue following along with it, or getting lost in the story. I was pleasantly surprised about how well written and creative the world building was in this book.

I also loved that this book took place in Washington, which is where I was born, and my two youngest, whom I read this book to. The only downfall for us was the ending, because we hadn’t been on the journey long enough to fully appreciate it, and to have our emotions tangled up with the lives of Anne and Grace. I did really enjoy those spunky, fierce young ladies. I enjoyed reading about the friendship, and sharing that with my twins (who have the greatest friendship in the world)

I should probably read the first two books in this series, so that we can better grasp the story of The Fae, Anne, Grace, and the Fae King. It would be nice to have the full back story. But for just jumping in, at book three, I think we did a great job grasping it all.

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