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Leonard Durso’s Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights is a contemporary reimagining of Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy, Romeo & Juliet, that takes place in Istanbul. With a cast of characters from across the globe, they struggle to find a way through the trials and tribulations of romantic involvement, hindered by their own unique cultural differences. (From Goodreads)
Thank you to Smith Publicity for the free copy of this book, in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own.
I rate this book a 2.5 out of 5 stars. It was a creative re-imagining of Romeo and Juliet. With a story that classic not many other books will measure up. This was good attempt though. This was a very unique method of story telling used here, not sure if I loved it, or disliked it, but it was nice to see something new in the literary world. Would I say this is a re-telling? Probably not. But either way it’s a neat story.
It comes across as well thought out, and well researched, that is very apparent. It was a little hard to follow, a huge cast of characters, and the little glimpses, and the back and forth of it all makes it kind of muddled for me. But I still appreciate any book that I read, and I am sure this book will have big fans! It will be someones favorite.

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