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Late one night in the quiet Hudson Valley town of Havenkill, a distraught woman stumbles into the police station—and lives are changed forever.

Aimee En, once a darling of the ’80s pop music scene, claims that a teenage boy stole her car, then ran over another young man who’d rushed to help.

As Liam Miller’s life hangs in the balance, the events of that fateful night begin to come into focus. But is everything as it seems?

The case quickly consumes social media, transforming Liam, a local high school football star, into a folk hero, and the suspect, a high school outcast named Wade Reed, into a depraved would-be killer. But is Wade really guilty? And if he isn’t, why won’t he talk?

Told from a kaleidoscope of viewpoints—Wade’s mother Jackie, his younger brother Connor, Aimee En and Pearl Maze, a young police officer with a tragic past, If I Die Tonight is a story of family ties and dark secrets—and the lengths we’ll go to protect ourselves (From Goodreads)

Thank you to William Morrow Books #Partner for this free copy, in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I rate this book a 4 out of 5 Stars.

Once I started this one, I was addicted. I could not put it down. I love how all of the characters had some attachment to one another. It’s kind of like the six degrees of separation. Which is fascinating to me. This was my first Alison Gaylin read, and I cannot wait to read more. I have to say, of all the characters in this book, I really loved Pearl. She was so intuitive, and like-able. I think she added so much charisma to the story.

This book takes on the subject of bullying, via social media, and in the hallways of schools, even adults were in on the bullying. It gives some insight to mob mentality as well, how someone is designated the bad guy, and everyone else hops on to that bandwagon.

It also show’s how far a mothers love will go, well just love in general. The things love can make you do. Whether right or wrong. I liked that this wasn’t a predictable read, there was plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Nothing is worse than falling prey to a predictable book.

I have my own teens, and I make sure to check into their social media accounts and text messages, they may hate it, but I am reassured that they are behaving. This book, further proves that I am doing the right thing.

If you have read any of Alison Gaylin’s books, or even this one, please comment and let me know.

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