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For fans of dark and twisty psychological thrillers, Watch Me is a riveting novel of suspense about how far obsession can go.

Kate Youngblood is disappearing. Muddling through her late 30s as a creative writing professor at Blackwood college, she’s dangerously close to never being noticed again. The follow-up novel to her successful debut tanked. Her husband left her for a woman ten years younger. She’s always been bright, beautiful, independent and a little wild, but now her glow is starting to vanish. She’s heading into an age where her eyes are less blue, her charm worn out, and soon no one will ever truly look at her, want to know her, again.

Except one.

Sam Grist is Kate’s most promising student. An unflinching writer with razor-sharp clarity who gravitates towards dark themes and twisted plots, his raw talent is something Kate wants to nurture into literary success. But he’s not there solely to be the best writer. He’s been watching her. Wanting her. Working his way to her for years.

As Sam slowly makes his way into Kate’s life, they enter a deadly web of dangerous lies and forbidden desire. But how far will his fixation go? And how far will she allow it?

A gripping novel exploring intense obsession and illicit attraction, Jody Gehrman introduces a world where what you desire most may be the most dangerous thing of all. (From Goodreads)

First and foremost, Thank you St. Martins Press #partner for sending me a free finished copy of Watch Me, in exchange of an honest opinion.

I rate this book a solid 4 Stars.

You don’t know me– Not yet– but nothing spikes my pulse. I am ice. I ooze cool, unruffled detachment. It’s the thing people find unnerving about me, the thing I try to hide. I know how to smile and raise my eyebrows and frown in all the right places, just to show I’m human, to communicate to the other hairless apes that I am part of the tribe.

Holy Craziness. This book was vulgar, dark, and intense. Sam Grist is a morbid, delusional, mentally unstable human being. Reading about him, gave me the worst feeling of unease. I’ve heard real life stories about people like Sam. So reading this book and realizing how easily this could happen, made for a very creepy experience, but it a very good way.

There is a lot of vulgar language, and the “C” word is dropped quite frequently, so if you have a huge issue with cursing, than proceed with caution. I don’t really mind bad words, if there is a purpose for them, I’d say in this book, they had purpose, especially when the chapters are in Sams P.O.V.

From Kat’s P.O.V. I see why she was allured by Sam. She was the object of his desire, he was an aspiring author who looked up to her, and he was sexually appealing to her, in a way she knew was wrong. Which I believe is what kept her attraction alive.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book, I loved the darkly rich atmosphere, I loved how both the characters were unreliable, obviously Sam was the worst of the two, but Kate had some issues herself.

The only negative I can think of, is the book is a bit predictable, I knew what was coming, and while I did not predict how it ended, I did know what the outcome would be. Still very much enjoyed the book, and would most definitely read more of Jody’s books. I’ve included two quotes, because I wanted to showcase just how darkly lyrical Jody’s writing is. It did tend to cause goosebumps and involuntary rolls of my stomach.

This book is out Jan. 23rd. I will include pre-order link below. If you have read this one, please share your thoughts with me.

It’s not healthy to show people the basement of your soul. Keep them upstairs, in the kitchen or the bedroom. Never give them a tour of your cellar, where the air is fetid and dank. Don’t point out the cockroaches skittering across the dripping, slimy walls. Don’t show them where you’ve hidden the bodies.

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