Book Review Of “Mis(h)adra By Iasmin Omar Ata @gallerybooks

An Arab-American college student struggles to live with epilepsy in this starkly colored and deeply-cutting graphic novel.

Isaac wants nothing more than to be a functional college student—but managing his epilepsy is an exhausting battle to survive. He attempts to maintain a balancing act between his seizure triggers and his day-to-day schedule, but he finds that nothing—not even his medication—seems to work. The doctors won’t listen, the schoolwork keeps piling up, his family is in denial about his condition, and his social life falls apart as he feels more and more isolated by his illness. Even with an unexpected new friend by his side, so much is up against him that Isaac is starting to think his epilepsy might be unbeatable.

Based on the author’s own experiences as an epileptic, Mis(h)adra is a boldly visual depiction of the daily struggles of living with a misunderstood condition in today’s hectic and uninformed world (From Goodreads)

First and Foremost, thank you to Gallery Books for sending me a free copy of this book, in exchange of this review.

This is my first ever Graphic Novel, so I don’t really know how to review it. The illustrations were beautiful, I loved the use of all the beautiful colors. The cover was a stunning hardback. And it smells incredible!

Now regarding the story, I adored it, my mother suffers from epilepsy, so reading a story based on Issac, and his feelings regarding his illness makes me realize my mom probably feels very similar to him. It’s a very hard illness to watch, and so many things trigger it, I have a hard time myself not walking on egg shells around my mom.

This story was honest, and heart-felt, and I felt the emotions of Issac and the author, while reading it. It was a very good first introduction to graphic novels, and now makes me consider reading more of them.

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