Least Favorite Reads of 2017

I know that these kind of posts can become a bit drama filled. Let me just say in no way is this a reflection of the author, or the readers. These are just books that didn’t suit me. I know plenty of people who loved them!

  1. The Dead Inside, By Cyndy Drew Etler- Not at all a book I enjoyed reading. Too many triggers. DNF’D
  2. Digging In The Stars, By Katherine Blakeney- Too Sci-Fi for my reading tastes. Just couldn’t really enjoy it.
  3. The Housekeeper, By Suellen Dainty- Was billed as a thriller, was more of a women’s lit. Nothing really dark, or thrilling happened.
  4. Beautiful Broken Girls, By Kim Savage- The ending killed it for me. Saw so much potential in this one.
  5. Girl In Snow, By Danya Kukafka- This was just a little too odd for me to enjoy. The characters were very unappealing. But the writing was good.
  6. Light Radiance Splendor, By Leah Chyten- Too religious for me to enjoy, or get into the story. DNF’d
  7. Unworthy, By Antonio Monda- I felt the one thing the plot had going for it, that kept me changing the pages, they ruined. definitely not a favorite read for me.
  8. At Waves End, By Patricia Donovan Perry- It was an okay read for me, felt the main character was a spoiled, self entitled brat and it took away from my reading enjoyment.
  9. Eden, By Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg- I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion. But this book was just way too slow for me to enjoy.
  10. Blood Rose Rebellion, By Rosalyn Eves- My favorite part of this book was the acknowledgements.

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