Book Review Of ” I Love You Too Much” By Alicia Drake @littlebrown

Set in the heart of Left-Bank Paris, this is the story of Paul, a lonely, quiet boy who makes an astonishing discovery and confronts that brutal turning point in adolescence when he learns he must leave the privileges of naivety behind.

Thirteen-year-old Paul is a lovable but unloved boy on the vulnerable cusp of manhood. Paul lives in Paris, in a world of privilege where beauty dominates, adults are intent on their own satisfaction, and everything looks perfect. There’s nowhere to get dirty, or so it appears.

His mother is glamorous and powerful, distracted by a younger lover and her own fear of aging. His wealthy father is desperately seeking to assuage his endless discontent. Paul lives between the two apartments of his broken family, looked after by a Filipino babysitter who hasn’t seen her own children in years. When Paul meets Scarlett, a beguiling classmate, he uncovers the cruel gulf between the world as it is and how he imagined it to be. It’s only a matter of time before Paul witnesses a shocking event and inherits a burden he’s far too young to shoulder.

A dazzling coming-of-age story, I Love You Too Much is a devastating literary debut born from the saying, Je t’aime trop: a distinctly French expression of excessive love. In a world of abundance, a Paris where parents don’t always mean what they say, Paul must look beyond his glamorous home to find a love that’s real. (From Goodreads)

I rate this book a 3.75 Stars out of 5

Thank you to Lauren at Little Brown Books for sending me an ARC of this book, in exchange of an honest review.

So, I came across this book on Netgalley while I was window shopping, and knew that I had to request to review it. Something about it just grabbed me. Luckily Lauren said she would send it, and she did, the very next day. Score!

So I finished up some prior reading and jumped into this book, which is considerably small, at 214 pages. I am confused with my thoughts on this one. Paul is 13, parts of this book, he acts his age, some parts of the book he comes across much older, as does his friend Scarlett, reading about the two of them, you’d peg them for at least 16. No big deal really, That doesn’t really bother me. The parents in this book I hated, with a passion. They were self-absorbed, egotistical, selfish, pricks who had no desire to be a parent, or even knew how to be one. Paul was a teen boy that was suffering, and had no one to help him, he was a lonely boy who prior to Scarlett only had food and the nanny as a companion. Everyone else was just to busy to notice him.

I felt that parts of this book drug on, and I kind of struggled to get through the first 100 pages, however once I got past the halfway mark, this book really improved. The last half of this book was just full of  emotional gut punches. What Paul is put through, and witnesses is intense, and very heartbreaking. Much more than any 13-year-old should ever have to bare witness too. I think I would have liked to see more of what happens after these life events, than to have seen what lead up to them. I think that’s where the best part of the story could have been.

Overall, it was a good read, that evoked some strong feelings from me. I am glad that I got to read and review it, and share this book review with you guys.

I will include the pre-order link for you guys, it comes out on Jan. 23rd 2018

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