Book Review Of “The Secret Life of Anna Blanc” By Jennifer Kincheloe @seventhstbooks @jenkincheloe

It’s 1907 Los Angeles. Mischievous socialite Anna Blanc could match wits with Sherlock Holmes, but in her world women are not allowed to hunt criminals. Determined to break free of the era’s rigid social roles, she buys off the chaperone assigned by her domineering father and, using an alias, takes a job as a police matron with the Los Angeles Police Department. There she discovers a string of brothel murders, which the cops are covering up. Seizing her one chance to solve a crime, she takes on the investigation herself.

If the police find out, she’ll get fired; if her father finds out, he’ll disown her; and if her fiancé finds out, he’ll cancel the wedding.

Anna must choose–either hunt the villain and risk losing her father, fiancé, and wealth, or abandon her dream and leave the killer on the loose. (From Goodreads)

I rate this book a 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

Thank you to Seventh St. Books and Prometheus Books for sending me both books in this series (As you can see from the photo above) for free, in exchange of an honest review.

First off, I don’t read a lot of mystery, and total #booknerdshame I’ve never read any Sherlock, or watched the movies, or t.v. shows. So I cannot really relate to the comparison. But what I can relate to is a strong, fierce, woman who won’t be tied down to what society says she should be. I think that the character of  Anna was a bit ahead of her time however. And at times she was just down right snotty and bratty. Part of me kind of disliked that. But her tenacity kind of made up for that. So I guess it’s safe to say I have a love hate relationship with her.

This book was good, and I think there needs to be many more books with strong female leads, who fight for what they want. The writing was well thought out, and I enjoyed how fast paced it was. While I was excited to read the second book, I however was not filled with that desire to start right away. It was a good book, but nothing that I was head over hills in love with it.

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