Book Review Of “Three Days And A Life” By Pierre Lemaitre @quercusUSA

“In 1999, in the small provincial town of Beauval, France, twelve-year-old Antoine Courtin accidentally kills a young neighbor boy in the woods near his home. Panicked, he conceals the body and to his relief–and ongoing shame–he is never suspected of any connection to the child’s disappearance. But the boy’s death continues to haunt him, shaping his life in unseen ways. More than a decade later, Antoine is living in Paris, now a young doctor with a fiancaee and a promising future. On a rare trip home to the town he hates and fears, Antoine thoughtlessly sleeps with a beautiful young woman from his past. She shows up pregnant at his doorstep in Paris a few months later, insisting that they marry, but Antoine refuses. Meanwhile, the newly discovered body of Antoine’s childhood victim means that the case has been reopened, and all of his old fears rush back. Then the young woman’s father threatens Antoine with a paternity test–which would almost certainly match the DNA found on the dead child’s body. Will Antoine finally be forced to confront his crime? And what is he prepared to do to keep his secrets buried in the past?” (From Goodreads)

I rate this book a 3.75 Stars out of 5

A huge thank you to Quercus USA for sending me a copy of this book for free, in exchange of an honest review.

This book is under 200 pages, and I flew through the first 90 of them the first time I picked it up. The first few chapters were rough, I am not even going to lie. Thankfully the scene when Antoine killed the little boy was over descriptive, or drawn out. I don’t think I would have been able to read this book if it were. I found myself angry with Antoine, very angry, I kept screaming to myself, “Just tell somebody” as a parent myself, something like this is a nightmare, on both ends of the spectrum, something terrible happening to my kids, or my kids doing something terrible. So because of that, this book was rather difficult for me.

The writing style is very unique, there was just something that just sets it apart from other thrillers and suspense books that I have read. Maybe it was the fact that the book was based in France? So different terms and words?

There as quite a large time jump between parts one and two, while I sympathized with Antoine in part one, I absolutely despised him in parts two, and three. I feel like the author did a great job portraying just how far people will go to cover their tracks, and to protect themselves. Ultimately that’s what Antoine did, he protected himself, and really didn’t care about anyone else.

The ending, oh that ending… Still cannot figure out if I love it, or if I hated it. However, for my first Quercus, I am so very happy that I enjoyed it! It’s out on November 7th guys. I have included the pre-order link below.

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