Oct. 2017 Book Haul


These are the books I’ve acquired this month. I had an amazing book month! Let me know if you see anything you like!

  1. Catalina, By Liska Jacobs (sent for review)
  2. Three Days And A Life, By Pierre Lemaitre (sent for review)
  3. Evening Primrose, By Kopano Matlwa (sent for review)
  4. The Day She Disappeared, By Christobel Kent (sent for review)
  5. The Wife, By Alafair Burke (sent for review)
  6. Girl Unkown, By Karen Perry (sent for review)
  7. Best Friends Forever, By Margot Hunt (sent for review)
  8. Strangers, By Ursula Archer and Arno Strobel (sent for review)
  9. Mrs. By Caitlin Macy (sent for review)
  10. I Love You Too Much, By Alicia Drake (sent for review)
  11. The Rules Of Magic, By Alice Hoffman (giveaway win)
  12. Keep Her Safe, By K.A. Tucker (giveaway win)
  13. I Was Anastasia, By Ariel Lawhon (sent for review)
  14. The Unforgotten, By Laura Powell (sent for review)
  15. Oliver Loving, By Stefan Merrill Block (sent for review)
  16. Girls Burn Brighter, By Shobha Rao (sent for review)
  17. Not That I Could Tell, By Jessica Strawser (giveaway win)
  18. Poison, By Galt Niederhoffer (sent for review)
  19. Grist Mill Road, By Christopher J. Yates (sent for review)
  20. The Wife Between Us, By Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen (sent for review)
  21. Sometimes I Lie, By Alice Feeney (sent for review)
  22. The Other Mother, By Carol Goodman (sent for review)
  23. The Merry Spinster, By Mallory Ortberg (sent for review)
  24. The Lucky Ones, By Tiffany Reisz (sent for review)
  25. The Sun And Her Flowers, By Rupi Kaur
  26. White Out, By Ragnar Jonasson (sent for review)
  27. Tales From Shakespeare, By Charles And Mary Lamb
  28. A Dangerous Woman From Nowhere (sent from Booksparks)
  29. Hollow Man, By Mark Pryor (sent for review)
  30. Asylum 54.0, By Nadege Richards (giveaway win)
  31. The Beloveds, By Maureen Lindley (sent for review)
  32. Gossip Girl (sent from Booksparks)
  33. A Dangerous Year, By Kes Trestor (sent from Booksparks)
  34. All Is Not Forgotten, By Wendy Walker
  35. Close To Me, By Amanda Reynolds (sent for review)
  36. The Irregular, By H.B. Lyle (sent for review)
  37. Turtles All The Way Down, By John Green
  38. Bone Music, By Christopher Rice (sent for review)
  39. The Child Finder, By Rene Denfelt (sent for review)
  40. The Knowing, By Sharon Cameron
  41. Getting The Pretty Back, By Molly Ringwald
  42. All The Wind In The World, By Samantha Mabry
  43. After The End Of The World, By Jonathan L. Howard (sent for review)
  44. Language Of Thorns, By Leigh Bardugo
  45. Forest of A Thousand Lanterns, By Julie C. Dao
  46. Lies She Told, By Cate Holahan
  47. Blockbuster Science, By David Siegel Bernstein (sent for review)
  48. After The Eclipse, By Sarah Perry
  49. Ship Of Theseus, By J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst
  50. Sleeping Beauties, By Stephen and Owen King
  51. Name On The Wind 10th Anniversary Edition, By Patrick Rothfuss

3 thoughts on “Oct. 2017 Book Haul”

    1. Okay, I had stated in another comment back to you the last time you asked this question. I get books that are sometimes 6 months from being published. So I organized them by month they are due to be published, and than I read according to that. Yes I read everything I am sent. Sometimes I read 10 books a month, Sometimes I read 15. It just depends, and I keep my pace because I have a schedule, and a system that I use. Books that I buy myself are put on my bookshelf and they are read when I have the time for them.

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