Book Review Of “When We Were Worthy” By Marybeth Mayhew Whalen @amazonpub #marybethmayhewwhalen


A win brought them together, but loss may tear them apart.

When the sound of sirens cuts through a cool fall night, the small town of Worthy, Georgia, hurtles from triumph to tragedy. Just hours before, they’d watched the Wildcats score a winning touchdown. Now, they’re faced with the deaths of three cheerleaders—their promising lives cut short in a fatal crash. And the boy in the other car—the only one to survive—is believed to be at fault. As rumors begin to fly and accusations spin, allegiances form and long-kept secrets emerge.

At the center of the whirlwind are four women, each grappling with loss, regret, shame, and lies: Marglyn, a grieving mother; Darcy, whose son had been behind the wheel; Ava, a substitute teacher with a scandalous secret; and Leah, a cheerleader who should have been in the car with her friends, but wasn’t. If the truth comes out, will it bring redemption—or will it be their downfall? (From Goodreads)

Thank you to the lovely Ashley at Amazon Publishing, for sending me a finished copy of WHEN WE WERE WORTHY for free, in exchange of an honest review.

Everything was something lovely once, something to behold. It was only after the world got to it that it became to worn to appreciate anymore.

I loved this book, so It gets a big shiny 4.5 out of 5 stars for me.

I love small towns, LOVE them! I grew up in a ton of 500 people, I lived there until I was 12. My sister is a few years older than me, and her and her friends remind me of the girls in this book. Football games were HUGE in my town, the team was terrible, but we loved them anyway.

I think the author did some great research, or she herself grew up in a small town, because she absolutely nailed the dynamic’s of them. The dive bar on the outskirts of town, the one grocery store, the two restaurants, the way that things are swept under the rug for the good ole boys, the scandals, the cliques, the good kids, the outsiders, it is all so true.

The writing in this book was so smooth and flowed so nicely that I just didn’t want to put it down, I read both the physical book, and the e-book once bedtime hit, I switched to my Kindle so I could keep reading. I wanted to smack some of the kids in this book, and their ego’s drove me NUTS! I’ve known kids like this all my life. Spoiled brats, who had no concern for other people. It made this book fun to read, and so full of drama and intrigue that for me, it was unputdownable.

The sweet love story that took place within the book for a few people was a sweet surprise and just made for such a good read. One of my favorites this month, and now that I have read one of Marybeth Mayhew Whalen’s books, I need more!

Maybe that’s what everyone in the world was searching for- someone who, when they felt vulnerable and exposed and afraid, would meet them in the doorway with a look of love so pure it made all that other stuff fall away.


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