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Clean-cut Thomas Lynch is police chief of Idyll, Connecticut, where serious crimes can be counted on one hand –until Cecilia North is found murdered on the town’s golf course. By chance, Chief Lynch met her mere hours before she was killed. The case should be a slam dunk. But there’s a problem. If he tells his detectives about meeting the victim, he’ll reveal his greatest secret–he’s gay.

So Lynch works angles of the case on his own. Without the aid of fellow detectives, he is forced to seek help from unlikely allies–a Goth teen and a UFO-obsessed conspiracy theorist. Meanwhile, he must contend with pressure from the mayor to solve the crime before the town’s biggest tourist event opens, all the while coping with the suspicions of his men, casual homophobia, and difficult memories of his partner’s recent death.

During the investigation, Lynch realizes that small town Idyll isn’t safe, especially for a man with secrets that threaten the thing that he loves most–his job. (From Goodreads) 

First and foremost, Thank you to Prometheus/Seventh St. Books for sending me this book in exchange of this honest review.

I rate this book a 3.75 out of 5 Stars.

So, this book took me a bit to get into. Not due to bad writing, or a bad story line, Because I was intrigued from the start. It was just something off, I cannot entirely pinpoint it. However once the investigation really took off, and once the deceitful web had started to be weaved, I was completely hooked.

The colorful cast of characters, made this book. It is exactly how small towns really are,and the eclectic people who make up the population. I grew up in a town of 500 people, so the author really nailed how small towns are. The difference between those with money, and those without it. Every small town has the weirdo, the witch, etc. Kudos to Stephanie Gayle on that aspect. I found the last half of the book to be nail biting, and pretty intense. I had so many suspects in my head, I found myself unable to put the book down, because I wanted to see if my theories were right.

I loved Thomas Lynch, everything about him! I was cheering him on, and hoping he would out himself to his team. But I understood why he hadn’t. His back story is rather sad, so if you read this book, be prepared for it. Also if you take any issue with homosexuality, than this book is definitely not for you. I really enjoyed it, and I am so glad that I have book 2 already and do not have to wait to dive on in. I really hope it either picks up where this one left off, or gives me some kind of update on the murderer. Because I really need to know!

“Hope is a terrible gift. The return policy is heartbreak.”

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