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When a mysterious figure appears on the village green on a cold November day in Three Pines, Armand Gamache, now Chief Superintendent of the Sûreté du Québec, knows something is seriously wrong. Yet he does nothing. Legally, what can he do? Only watch and wait. And hope his mounting fears are not realized.

From the moment its shadow falls over Three Pines, Gamache suspects the creature has deep roots and a dark purpose. When it suddenly vanishes and a body is discovered, it falls to Gamache to discover if a debt has been paid or levied.

In the early days of the investigation into the murder, and months later, as the trial for the accused begins in a Montreal courtroom on a steamy day in July, the Chief Superintendent continues to struggle with actions he’s set in motion, from which there is no going back. “This case began in a higher court,” he tells the judge, “and it’s going to end there.”

And regardless of the trial’s outcome, he must face his own conscience. (From Goodreads)

I rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Minotaur Books for sending me this beautiful book in exchange of an honest review. (this cover is gorgeous guys)

So, because this is book 13 of a series, my review is going to be pretty simple, I really should have at least read the first book of this series (Still Life), first. But with having a very limited time frame in my reading schedule, I just didn’t have the time. Because of that, I struggled a bit with the large cast of characters. I wasn’t sure who any of them really were, while it works as a stand alone, I think it would have read much easier had I read the series.

I do like Louise Penny’s writing style. I know that I read a lot of suspense, and a lot of thrillers as those are my go to genres. I think this was more of a mystery? Maybe mix in some police procedural? Not something I read a lot of to be honest. However I did enjoy this book, and I liked that it had layers, this was a very multi faceted story-line. It was about much more than the dark mysterious figure. There was a lot going on, and a lot of repercussions over actions taken, and not taken. It jumps around in time as well, and while most books make that very obvious, by separating the time jumps by chapters, this book separates the time jumps by paragraphs, so pay close attention while reading.

Would I read books 1-12? Most likely. However it would take me quite awhile. Would I read another Louise Penny book in the future? Of course. As much as I struggled connecting with this book, I did enjoy it, and I would like to get to know more about the characters.

We’re used to the film versions of psychopaths. The clearly crazies. But most psychopaths are clever. They have to be. They know how to mimic human behavior. How to pretend to care, while not actually feeling anything except perhaps rage and an overwhelming and near-perpetual sense of entitlement. That they’ve been wronged. They get what they want mostly through manipulation.” 

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