Book Review Of “Slip Sliding By The Bay” By Barbara McDonald @booksparks

Perched on the edge of San Francisco, Lakeside College is experiencing an identity crisis. John Gudewill is recruited as president to save the college from possible closure―but he is flummoxed at every turn. The faculty, led by secretive English professor Eliot Blanc, is determined to unionize. The alumni want Lakeside to return to its former status as a women-only college. Meanwhile, Sister Magdalena, the college’s infamous artist, is waging war against corporate America through her art, and the students are engaging in their own warfare through sit-ins and protests. With the college besieged on all sides, what is its new president to do? (From Amazon)

Thank you to Booksparks for this #popupblogtour book. I rate it a 3.75 stars out of 5

I do love a book that’s based in decades I feel would have been fun to grow up in. I’m an 80’s baby, but I always felt like I should have grown up in the 70’s. So I got to live vicariously through this book. I thought the author painted a very vivid picture, it was easy to follow and very easy to enjoy. Which was good, because I had a HUGE stack of books that needed to be reviewed, so to read something so fast and enjoyable was a very good thing.

I think the characters were complex, and like-able. Overall I really enjoyed this book, and the cover is adorable!!


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